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The colorful backdrop of our traditions and culture is reflected in our food, games, music, and dances. Our goal is to showcase our events and promote positive values and a sense of pride. We invite you to participate in all of our exciting events and celebrations.

Traditional Home-Style Cooking!

Enjoy our authentic Mexican recipes, for traditional Home-Style cooking. Try the dishes first in our deli to decide what you would like to make for your friends and family at home. We provide the recipes in the store and all the products you need to make them. If you have questions about any of the…

Chorizo: Red or Green always a delicious tradition!!

Chorizo can be a fresh sausage, in which case it must be cooked before eating. In  Europe, it is more frequently a fermented, curegrilled chorizo.jpgd, smoked sausage, in which case it is usually sliced and eaten without cooking. Spanish chorizo and Portuguese cho uriço ge t their distinctive smokiness and deep red color from dried…

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